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Job Placement Service

Job Placement Service

PrezzoA partire da AU$650,00

Job Placement service:
We will assign a Jobsearch Consultant to help you land a job, once you land a job you just pay 10% of the total salary package paid off in monthly instalments until the amount is paid off. No job, no fee.  


STEP 1. Resume Package order. 
A minimum spend of $650.00 on any professional resume, linkedin interview training package order is required to be eligible for our service which goes towards getting your resume rewritten to allow you to have a better chance to land the job and a higher salary. If you have already ordered a resume of this value or higher within the last 12 months with us then this cost is not required. You must have ordered an eligible resume package, this step is required to get started to increase your employability and salary potential so that we are not sending out a sub-par resumes which could miss opportunities. Our professional custom CV services increases your job prospects and opportunities.


STEP 2. Jobsearch!

Once a job seeker has purchased a resume package, they will be assigned a jobsearch consultant who will work with them to find job opportunities that match their skills and experience. They will prepare you for every interview.


STEP 3. Job Offer!
When a job seeker is hired through our service, we operate on a small 10% Income Share Agreement (commission-based) payment system to pay your jobsearch consultant for their success in landing you the role. This means that the job seeker agrees to pay us a commission of 10% of their first years salary, which is paid in monthly instalments over the course of their first year of employment.


No Job?

Our service is risk free, if the job seeker is not hired through our service, they do not need to pay the 10% commission fees.

You will get in this package:

  • Professional JobSearch Consultant 

Plus (All inclusions of an Ultimate JobSeeker Package)

  • Professional Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIN Writing and Branding Package
  • Career Planner
  • E-book Package

    Pay nothing additional unless you land a job that's our Guarantee!

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